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Holistic Supplements

Functional & Integrative Health Services

Unleash Your Body's Healing Power with Functional & Integrative Health Services


At Cornerstone, we believe in unlocking the innate healing potential of your body. Our functional & integrative health services, led by the expertise of Lindsey Nieman RDN LD LMFT CLT BCN and Salena Young, are designed to address the root causes of your health concerns and restore balance to your body's systems.



Functional Medicine: Uncovering the Root of Your Health Issues


Functional medicine takes a holistic approach to health, seeking the underlying reasons for your symptoms and addressing them from the inside out. We'll gather comprehensive information about your genetic predisposition, lifestyle factors, and overall well-being to create a personalized treatment plan.



Integrative Medicine: Combining Modalities for Optimal Healing


Integrative medicine seamlessly blends conventional and complementary therapies to provide comprehensive care. We may recommend a combination of diet, exercise, stress management techniques, and other modalities to address your unique needs.



Your Path to Optimal Health Starts Here


If you're ready to embark on a journey towards optimal health, our functional and integrative health services are the perfect place to start. Schedule an appointment today and experience the Cornerstone difference.

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